list of shows and publications


SHE: Photograph, “Her Yellow Day” shown at the Amanda Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX. May-June 2017. Show juried by Kat Kiernan, photographer and Editor-In-Chief of the publication “Don’t Take Pictures.”

ABSTRACTIONS: Photographic shown at the Amanda Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX. Oct-Nov 2015. Juried by Eddie Soloway of National Geographic and Sante Fe Workshops.

NERVES OF THE CITY: A photograph in the show “Downtown” at the Amanda Smith Photographic Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. July 2014. Juried by photographer Peter Liepke

AUSTIN MEETS EASTON: A live reading of “Illegal Immigration Into Heaven” a philosophical memoir about integrating significant transformative experiences. Read for the Grand Opening of Lift Easton Studio in Easton, Pennsylvania.

PHOTOGRAPH: “Red Line” shown in the juried shot “Lines” at Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont. February 2013. Juried by Kirsten Rian, International Photo Curator and writer for Daylight Magazine.

PHOTOGRAPH: “Companions” accepted in the Vermont Photo Gallery show, online annex and Blurb Book September, 2012. Jurors Elizabeth Corden and Jan Potts of the Cordon/Potts Gallery San Francisco.

TWO PHOTOGRAPHS: “Shadow Self” and “Old School” in Texas Photographic Societies International Show, Juried by Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas and tours Texas for one year.  August, 2011

PHOTOGRAPH “Texas Capitol Dome” UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL Legislative Update Conference brochure cover, June 2011.

PHOTOGRAPH “Red Gloves Sorcerer” in a juried show at the Martin Museum of Art, Baylor University. June 2010. Texas Photographic Society show.

“I TOOK THE BUDDHA SHOPPING, a spiritual memoir of an unlikely friendship.” My Book available on, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, IPad, or Smashwords. com. Published September, 2009.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL BROCHURE: Port of Casablanca, Cover of Admiralty Law conference brochure, September, 2009.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL BROCHURE. Texas Capitol Dome photograph. Cover of CLE Brochure, May 2009.

PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW: Book People, Austin, Texas. April, 2009. Group show with Jim Innes and Phil Vitek.

THE ROAD TO TEXAS LED NORTHERNER TO THE BEST PLACE UNDER THE SUN: Austin American-Statesman. My story of getting to Austin by bicycle. Photo by Larry Kolvoord. November 11, 2007

THE ART OF LIVING: Click Away. Television segment on my photography and writing for the Veria Television Series on healing and art. September, 2007

RARE MAGAZINE. Photo for Avalon Hair Salon. December, 2007. Third in a series of ads.  Hair and makeup by Avalon.

SEEING AMERICA FROM THE INSIDE, A barge trip on the Ohio River, reprint. PRACTICAL GOURMET, Middle Island, NY. November, 2006.

TEXAS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. 2nd place winner of juried competition. “Running Water” photograph shown at Calumet Photographic Gallery, San Francisco in January & Photofest in Houston, March, 2006.

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, Travel in Fairfax and the surrounding area. CAPRICE MAGAZINE, A Travel Magazine on the Web. July, 2005.

A BUDDHA CHRISTMAS, A Christmas Memoir.   DOWNTOWN PLANET MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. December, 2004.

LA GRANDE VITESSE, Photograph of Alexander Calder sculpture in Grande Rapids, Michigan.  AMERICAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE, July, 2004.

Press Trip Photography, Article for newsletter on photographing on the run.  TEXAS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, May, 2004

COVER PHOTO, CAPITOL DOME, Texas State Capitol, Cover photo for University of Texas Law School conference on State and Federal Appeals. May, 2004

CAPITOL DOME, Texas State Capitol. Website photo for Appellate Judge Campaign, Attorney Jim Sharp, Houston, Texas. April, 2004

TAKING OFF, Photo of clay molds. AUSTIN BERGSTROM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Poster for clay art show, April, 2004.

THE MANY SIDES OF PAUL STOOKEY, Interview with the ‘Paul’ of the classic folk group “Peter, Paul and Mary”. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, April, 2004

GOLD COUNTRY, Travel in the gold country of Tuolumne County, California including Yosemite National Park. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, February, 2004.

COVER PHOTO: Ring of Fire. Blacksmith working on train wheel. Railtown in California.  NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, February, 1004

COVER PHOTO: Building Reflection from Maya Lin Plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, December, 2003.

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN. Travel in Michigan and a look at the spectacular sculpture collections in Grand Rapids. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, October, 2003. (with photos)

COVER PHOTO: WINTHROP GRAHAM Olympic Medalist runner. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, October, 2003.

BOATS AND PLANES, Photos of a flight on a B-25 bomber and ships in Casablanca, Gibraltar and Maine. ZOOT Restaurant, Austin, Texas. September/October 2003

WHAT ART NEEDS, A talk with Sharon Radovich about City Art Link and the emerging arts in Austin. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, August, 2003.

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY, Bellisima Salon, 26 Doors, Austin, Texas.

AG COMMISSIONER ON A MISSION, Interview with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs about her program to combat childhood obesity.   NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, July, 2003

GROUP PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBIT, Eight photos in group show sponsored by CITY ART LINK at Avalon Hair Salon, June, 2003

STREET SMART ORGANIC FARMER, A talk with Montana farmer an originator of Kamut wheat, Robert Quinn. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, June, 2003

THE BUSINESS OF BEING AN ARTIST, Talking with artists and gallery owners about the business of making a living as an artist. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, May, 2003.

CLEAN ENERGY, A talk with inventor Stanford Ovshinsky, one of Time Magazine’s “Heroes of the Planet” about his work in hydrogen technology at Ovonics. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, April, 2003.

A GARDEN SANCTUARY, Talk with Lucinda Hutson. Award winning gardening from the author of The Herb Garden Cookbook.   NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, March, 2003

ZEN AND THE ART OF FALLING IN LOVE, Interview with Manhattan psychologist and Zen practitioner Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, February, 2003.

BARGING THROUGH AMERICA CALENDAR 2003, Cover photograph and two interior photos. Photos for RiverBarge Excursion Lines, New Orleans, Louisiana.

INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER, a flying lesson with the Be-a-Pilot program. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, January, 2003. A flight lesson at Lone Star Wings in Austin, Texas.

OUTDOORS IN MAINE, a trip to Freeport. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, December, 2002. Things for a non-shopping guy to do in the home of L.L. Bean.

HEALING AND SELF EXPLORATION, Interview with Dr. Brian Weiss. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, October, 2002. Discussion of past-life regression therapy with psychiatrist Brian Weiss, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami and founder of the Weiss Institute.

EAT MORE, WEIGH LESS, Interview with Dr. Dean Ornish, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, September, 2002. A discussion of healthy eating founder of the “Preventive Medicine Research Institute.”

OHIO RIVER PHOTOGRAPHS, Two photographs of The Ohio River near Marietta, AMERICAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE, August, 2002. Photographs accompanying the article “History Happened Here,” by senior editor Carla Davidson.

THE EXPECTANT FATHER, Interview with author Armin Brott. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, July, 2002. Discussion of fathering with parenting expert Armin Brott.

THE HEART OF HAPPINESS, Interview with Omega Institute Cofounder Elizabeth Lesser. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, May, 2002. A discussion of American Spirituality.

THE VOICE OF THE EARTH, Interview with ecopsychologist Theodore Roszak. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, April, 2002. A discussion about the use of psychology in the environmental movement.

FIRST FLIGHT … A TRAVEL MEMOIR. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, March, 2002. The story of my first airplane ride in the early 1950’s.

WHAT’S THE WEATHER LIKE IN YOUR GARDEN? NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, February, 2002. Information from meteorologists and almanacs to help with local gardening.

NOTHING BUT THE BEST, Interview with Austin mayor Gus Garcia. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, January, 2002. Talking with Mayor Garcia about what Austin does well and what it needs to work on.

FAMILY IN MALAGA, Cover photograph. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, December, 2001. Image of a unique family in Malaga, Spain.

RELATING TO OURSELVES. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, December, 2001. Article about how we can better relate to our inner world.

ORDINARY BEAUTY, Photography Exhibit, Avalon Hair Salon, opening reception November 9, 2001. Exhibit of travel photography and portraits.

THE FACE OF THE NEWS, Interview with KVUE-24 news anchor Judy Maggio. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, October, 2001. A talk with one of Austin’s most respected anchors.

RIVERBOAT, OHIO RIVER, Cover photograph of a riverboat at Cincinnati on the Ohio River. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, September, 2001.

SEEING AMERICA FROM THE INSIDE. A trip on the Ohio River. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. September, 2001. A week aboard the river barge Explorer in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Also: COVER PHOTO for this issue “Riverboat, Ohio River.”

NEW WINGS FOR AN ANGEL: Interview with musician Sara Hickman. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. August, 2001. A talk with Sara Hickman about her new children’s music.

THE BOTANY OF DESIRE: Interview with Author Michael Pollan. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. July, 2001. A talk with Michael Pollan about his book The Botany of Desire.

HEALTH AND FITNESS: A Guide for the Unobsessed. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. June 2001. A look at gaining fitness for ordinary mortals.

AN AMERICAN ARTIST: Photographer Keith Carter. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. May, 2001. Interview with Texas photographer Keith Carter.

ALWAYS LOOKING AT THE SKY: Actor Richard Gere. MAGICAL BLEND MAGAZINE, April, 2001. A talk with Richard Gere about his philosophy and his relationship with the Dalai Lama.

PURPLE MOUNTAIN’S MAJESTY, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, March, 2001. Winter fun for the unskied, snowmobiling in Yellowstone and other attractions.

SOUL OF THE GARDEN. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, February, 2001. Talk with TV host of Central Texas Gardener, Tom Spencer.

A PASSION FOR WORK. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, November, 2000. Profile/interview with two men, photographer Kirk Tuck and musician John Hagan, who love their work.


ECO-TOUR OF PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. October, 2000. Travel and eco-tourism in the land of the Pilgrims.

LIVING LONGER AND LOVING IT. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. August, 2000. Interview with Dr. Marcus Gitterle about the anti-aging revolution and anti-aging medical practice.

FOOD AND FEELINGS. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, July, 2000. Looking at eating disorders.

SHE THINKS LIKE A CAT, Interview with Tippi Hedren. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, June, 2000. Actress Tippi Hedren talks about rescuing big cats at Shambala Preserve.

TRAVEL TIPS. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. March, 2000. An eclectic mix of travel tips, from how to be your own travel agent, to looking at business travel in a new way.

THURSDAY, 1:00 – 3:00 PM, ETERNITY: A LOOK AT UNSTRUCTURED TIME. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. December, 1999 There is more to time than just what the clock says.

PAUL WINTER SOLSTICE, an interview with musician Paul Winter. CREATIONS MAGAZINE, Sea Cliff, N. Y. December, 1999 Paul talks about his Solstice celebration at St. John the Divine in New York.

TWENTY YEARS: a collection of excerpts from New Texas Interviews. 20TH. ANNIVERSARY ISSUE OF NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. November, 1999 Selected excerpts of my interviews.

REINVENTING MEDICINE, an interview with Larry Dossey, M.D., NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, October, 1999. The three era’s of medicine and what we can expect in the future.

THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, an interview with Gary Zukav. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, September, 1999. Gary Zukov’s thoughts on soulful living.

THE ART OF TASTEFUL LIVING, an interview with Lucinda Hutson. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, July, 1999. A talk with herbal cookbook author and artist Lucinda Hutson.

ALWAYS LOOKING AT THE SKY, an interview with Richard Gere. CREATIONS MAGAZINE, Sea Cliff, New York. July, 1999. A talk with actor Richard Gere about his Buddhist practice and his relationship to His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.

RESCUING OUR SONS FROM THE MYTHS OF BOYHOOD, Interview with William Pollack, Ph.D. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, June, 1999. A look at the crisis of boys and young men in our society.

A DEEPER CORE OF BEING, Interview with Deepak Chopra. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, May, 1999.

A CAMPING GUY TAKES A CRUISE, A voyage on a cruise ship. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, April, 1999. My adventures overseas in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Gibraltar on the maiden voyage of the Renaissance R-2.

A GRAND CENTRAL STATION OF IDEAS, an interview with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.  NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, April, 1999.

TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, an interview with Sam Keen, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, February 1999. A look at all the forms love can take.

THE MAIDEN KING, an interview with Robert Bly, CREATIONS MAGAZINE, Sea Cliff, New York. February, 1998. A talk with Robert Bly about the reunion of the masculine and feminine.

PERSONAL GROWTH a look at how we change, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, December, 1998. Article on the nature of personal Growth.

REAL POWER, business and the Tao Te Ching. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, November 1998. The work of Jim Autry and Steven Mitchell on how the Tao Te Ching applies to business.

THE CONNECTION OF COMMUNITY, on the work of architect Marley Porter. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. October 1998. Green development and building.

PROSCRIPTIONS FOR LIVING, interview with Bernie Siegel, M.D., NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas September 1998. Lessons on living.

ANGER MANAGEMENT, AUSTIN GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY SOCIETY NEWSLETTER, Austin, Texas. August, 1998. What anger management is, how it works, and how it integrates with other therapy models.

REDIRECTING CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR, The work of Kathryn Kvols, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. August 1998. A look at how we can talk with our kids.

FOODS THAT FIGHT PAIN, an interview with Dr. Neal Barnard. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, July 1998. Diet as a pain fighting tool.

THE AFFLICTION OF GRACE , an excerpt from my unpublished memoir. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, June 1998. Travelling on Route 66.

TWO KINDS OF LAUGHTER, Interview with musician Sara Hickman, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, May 1998. A talk about the creative work of Sara Hickman.

THE WATERS OF LIFE, Interview with Jean Michel Cousteau, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE Austin, Texas, April 1998. About his work and his talk at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL, Interview with Caroline Myss, Ph.D., NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin Texas, March 1998. Discussion of healing.

LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING, Talk with John Bradshaw and Pat Love, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas, February 1998, Talk about love and relationships.

EVERYDAY SOUL, Interview with Bradford Keeney Ph.D. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas and CREATIONS MAGAZINE, New York. December , 1997. Discussion of healing and performance art.

WINNING AT BUSINESS, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. November, 1997. Talk with Paul Corrozza about his business Run-Tex.

THE ARTIST’S WAY, Interview with Julia Cameron. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. September, 1997. Interview with author of “The Artist’s Way.”

TEN YEARS OF MEN’S WORK, A CONVERSATION, John Lee & Bill Bruzy. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, June, 1997. A conversation about ten years of men’s work with John Lee one of the founders of the men’s movement and Bill Bruzy, owner of The Austin Men’s Center.

THE DISCOGRAPHY OF INNER PEACE, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. May, 1997. An interview with Stephen Halpern, musician and father of new age music.

A COMMON MAN’S FAITH, NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. December, 1996. An article on Jimmy Carter.

SPIRITUALITY IN BUSINESS,   NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas: November 1996. Discussion with Fred Alan Wolf, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marilyn Ferguson and Terry Deal about business and spirit.

THE WILDEST COLTS MAKE THE BEST HORSES, Interview with John Breeding Ph.D. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. October 1996. Discussion about biopsychiatry and children.

THE TENTH INSIGHT, Interview with James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE, Austin, Texas. September 1996. Talking with James Redfield about his work and his life.

THE WAY OF THE EXPLORER, Interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. August 1996. Discussion of Dr. Mitchell’s book about his experience of transformation during his return trip from the moon.

GOOD BREAD IS RAISED WELL, the soul of bread. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. July 1996. Article on the new “Bread Alone” bakery and their philosophy of bread.

HEALING FATHER-SON RELATIONSHIPS. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. June 1996. Article and interview with Lee Jampolsky, co-author with his Dad Gerald Jampolsky, of “Listen to Me,” a book on healing father-son relationships.

TRINITY. CREATIONS MAGAZINE. Sea Cliff, New York. November 1995. Nuclear weapons and mental health issues, metaphors of transformation.

RETURN TO TRINITY. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. August 1995. Reflections on a visit to the Trinity Test Site at White Sands Missile Range.

THE DEMOCRATIZATION OF RAGE. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. February, 1995 Managing rage and violence in ourselves and in our culture.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. December, 1994. Interview with John Bradshaw on finishing family of origin work.

THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS. CREATION SPIRITUALITY . Matthew Fox, Ed. Oakland, California. Winter 1994. Reflections on what our nuclear weapons tell us about our culture’s maturity and spiritual growth.


THE TEXAS CRIMINAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. August 1994. Investigating the criminal justice experiment of the 1990’s.

MALE MIDLIFE. NEW TEXAS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. February 1994. Looking at change in men’s lives.


TALKING WITH JOHN BRADSHAW ABOUT MEN. MAN! MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. Spring 1992. Discussion of men’s issues with John Bradshaw.

THE OTHER EATING DISORDER. SPIRAL GUIDE. Austin, Texas. November 1992. Discussion of reactive obesity.

EDITORIALS AND BOOK REVIEWS. MAN! MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. 1991 and 1992. Editorials on men’s issues and book reviews

EATING DISORDERS PROGRAM. TEXAS HOSPITALS MAGAZINE. Austin, Texas. March 1988. Looking at an in-patient eating disorders program.

REDESIGN OF THE CHICKEN AND OTHER LIFE FORMS, MICHIGAN THROUGH IT’S ART AND ARTISTS. 1980. Notebooks accepted into statewide juried show of Michigan artists.

ART REVIEWS. THE STATE NEWS. Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 1971 – 1972. Art reviews of local community and university shows.

POETRY,  COLLAGE: Bi-Weekly Magazine of the Michigan State News. 1969

POETRY. Various Publications. Runner up in the “Writers Digest” poetry contest 1982, 2000 and 2001. Publication in various small magazines including “Ghost Dance,” and others.